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How to join association “Laiks jauniešiem”?

In person

We invite you to fill out the electronic application form. Next, a personal meeting with a member of the board of the association will be arranged with you – you will discuss all unclear questions, sign the questionnaire and wait for the decision of the board meeting.


Print filled out membership application by post to the address – Bauskas district, Īslīces parish, Rītausmas, LLT 14-13, LV-3901 addressed to the association “Laiks Jauniešiem” or send it as an electronically signed document using form below.

Is there a membership or monthly fee to join the organization?

No. Our goal is to provide children and young people with full-fledged non-formal education free of charge.

What volunteer opportunities do you offer? – I want to work in the field of communication, event organization and charity?

After filling out the membership form of the “Laiks Jauniešiem” association, the management of the association will contact you to inform you about the next steps and offer opportunities to get involved in the active youth team that operates in our areas of activity. Every child and young person will find the closest and most convenient field of activity to improve their skills.

What are the main benefits of joining the association “Laiks Jauniešiem”?

It’s hard to describe one specific one, but it’s a set of benefits – firstly, networking and meeting new people, secondly, gaining skills and experience in different fields of activity, thirdly, doing quality volunteer work for which you get a certificate…

Does your organization offer young people to go on ERASMUS+ exchange trips?

Yes, our organization has started participating in the ERASMUS+ program from 2022 and we plan to submit both participation and exchange projects based on the initiatives of young people in the future. We invite you to join the association to jointly write and implement the project!

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