Our partners

Asocciation “Laiks Jauniešiem” biggest supporters

Bauskas Municipality – our beloved home and the main cooperation partner of the association. Financing of projects, as well as provision of premises. www.bauska.lv

TOODE SIA offers: steel roof and wall materials, rainwater drainage systems, additional elements – folds made of steel, roof ladders, snow barriers, roof bridges, professional tinsmith’s tools, etc. www.toode.lv

Sējas – Āra Burkāna farm registered in Viesturi parish of Bauskas Municipality.

“Maxima” development in Latvia began in 2001. Over the years, the company has become one of the leading retail chains in Latvia and the largest company in the Baltics. All this time, our idea and goal have remained the same – we work and try to make it easy for customers to buy the goods they like and not overpay for them. We believe that this way we manage to ease their daily worries and help take care of their families. https://www.maxima.lv/

Kāpostnīca – home farm “Kāpostnīca” started exporting sauerkraut products to three countries – Norway, Romania, Bulgaria. Sauerkraut from Brunava parish has been popular with Lithuanian buyers for years.

Narvesen is the leading retail franchise network that provides a convenient opportunity to quickly restore energy and receive the most necessary goods and services throughout Latvia. In 249 outlets, Narvesen offers a diverse range of fresh and tasty food, refreshing drinks and a wide selection of the latest press releases. https://narvesen.lv/

AS „Balticovo” is the largest producer of eggs and egg products in Northern Europe, offering modern, high-quality products and service. “Balticovo” is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the production of eggs and egg products. The company is focused on operating in Latvian and international markets, exporting around 70% of the produced production. http://www.balticovo.lv/

Picu Darbnīca – the pizzas are made in front of the customers’ eyes, and the customers receive the pizzas directly from the oven – still hot and steaming. In addition, the professional and friendly pizza masters allow the customer to determine the content of his pizza himself. www.picudarbnica.lv

„Dobeles sveces” mark is well known to Baltic buyers. The products of this brand are recognized by local buyers and demanded in stores, because it protects stable values, known quality and clearly guarantees the local origin of the product. https://www.dobelessveces.lv/

Ahmad Tea – In Europe and Asia, Australia and the American continent, in the polar stations of Antarctica – wherever there is a person, tea is drunk – the most popular drink on the planet. https://ahmad.lv/

Stelpes Ūdens – The most valuable things are hidden within the earth. For thousands of years, it has received the wisdom and strength of the Latvian land in its darkness. Accumulates valuable nutrients and minerals. Until one day, this treasure comes to our table. The natural Stelpe mineral water is obtained from the source of STELPE (Nīzare) in Latvia. Stelpe is one of the lesser known treasures of Latvia. The old manor roads surrounded by big trees lead through the plains of Zemgale to a spring that was rarely accessible before. www.stelpes.lv

Mario the production workshop has been producing healthy food products for more than 20 years. MARIO products are a part of a healthy and happy life – they are always by your side both in everyday and festive meals and fill people’s lives with diverse taste. http://www.mario.lv/lv/

Balta – a company with more than 600 employees and 43 branches throughout Latvia. An honest insurer in the assessment of customers To be the leading producer and service provider of goods for those who support an active lifestyle in the Baltics, which combines the traditions accumulated over centuries with modern production technologies. www.balta.lv

Līga TC – We are a family company that has been selling retail goods since 1992. From a small shop, we have grown into a versatile small town shopping center. The assortment includes products for home, office, garden and recreation. www.ligatc.lv