The association “Laiks Jauniešiem” offers various resources, informative materials and trainings on the inclusion of young generations in the work environment, taking into account the peculiarities of information perception.

Target audience:  Existing and future entrepreneurs, municipal employees, personnel managers, etc.

Duration of seminar: 2 seminar cycles. The duration of one seminar cycle is 1.5 hours.

Location:  Field seminar in the work space provided by the client

Price for one seminar cycle: One seminar cycle – 20 EUR (without VAT) per participant.

Number of participants: 10-70 participants

  • Possibilities of integration of young people in the work environment;
  • Experience stories about working with young people;
  • Risks and their evaluation in work with young people;
  • Improving communication skills in working with young people;
  • Use of evaluation criteria in the decision-making process, working with young people;
  • Theoretical characteristics of young people (aggression, its causes, manifestations, aggression-intensifying, developmental factors, understanding of child development, thinking, feelings and aggression)
  • Analysis of the situation in the team;
  • Perception types and behavior patterns of young people;
  • Practical tasks – how to work in a team where several generations are represented;
  • How to attract a young audience using digital tools.